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Wilder II (2020)

6 episodes 60min each   |   Swiss German, French, Albanian   |   Directed by: Pierre Monnard   |   Co-Director: Jan-Eric Mack   |   Script: Béla Batthyany, Roberto Martinez, Andreas Stadler, Moritz Gerber, Alexander Seibt   |   Production: Beat Lenherr (Panimage GmbH), Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG)  

Rosa Wilder (Sarah Spale) has to deal with three dead bodies at once. At dawn she is called to a remote crime scene in the Bernese Jura. The victims have little in common except that they were at the anniversary party of the local sawmill the night before. And even a witness of the crime who turns up unexpectedly does not shed any light on the investigation. Instead, he brings back a part of Rosa's past that she would like to leave behind. This time, too, Rosa penetrates deep into the secrets of a secluded world.

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