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Upload (2014)

88min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Tobias Ineichen   |   Script: Felix Benesch   |   Production: Anita Wasser (C-FILMS AG), Michael Steiger (C-FILMS AG)


Franziska (15) and Elias(16) are just getting to know each other in a playful way. In this case, a video is created which, through a combination of unfortunate coincidences, becomes public. This puts the two teenagers in serious trouble and puts their young happiness to an early test. The video falls into the hands of the journalist Bosshard (46) and he hopes for a chance to regain access to his daughter, who is separated from him. The two begin to investigate and before they know it, they themselves become part of the events. While the matter outgrows everyone the longer it goes on, many things turn out to be different than one could have guessed from the outside. And Franziska, who is having a hard time coping with her sudden and involuntary fame, is no longer in anyone's thoughts.

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