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The Team II (2019)

4 episodes 112min each  |   English, German, Arabic, French   |   Directed by: Kasper Gaardsøe,  Yannik Johansen   |   Script: Jesper Bernt, Kari Vidø, Donna Sharpe, Andi Wecker   |   Production: Peter Nadermann (ZDF Enterprises), Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG)

Lost Man
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Six people are shot dead in a secret shelter in the Danish marshland. Among the victims are two Belgian sisters who had contact with an extremist militia. The perpetrator is Bob (Sascha Alexander Gersak), the German owner of the house.

Europol assembles a Joint Investigation Team: Danish policewoman Nelly Winther (Marie Bach), German detective Gregor Weiss (Jürgen Vogel) and Belgian terror crimes specialist Paula Liekens (Lynn Van Royen).

Gradually, the investigators uncover a sophisticated system of illegal art trade, in which parts of Austrian high society are also involved.

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