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Tag und Nacht (2008-2009)

36 episodes 45min each   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Tobias Fueter, Sabine Boss, Hans Liechti, Sören Senn   |  Script: Katja Früh, Claudia Pütz, Petra  Volpe, Daniel Howald, Dave Tucker, Martin Henning   |   Production: Peter-Christian Fueter (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF


"Day and Night" is a doctors' soap that differs in many ways from well-known hospital series: The focus is not on life-and-death operations, but on the fates of the people who seek help in Permanence. 

With their illness, they bring in exciting, tragic, cheerful and surprising stories and constantly present the team of doctors with new challenges. Patients are passing through or do not want to discuss a delicate problem with their family doctor. They don't have much time or are looking for security in permanence.

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