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Spuren im Eis (1999)

93min   |   German   |   Directed by: Walter Weber   |   Script: Domenico Blass, Walter Weber   |   Production: Edi Hubschmid (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF, SAT 1 

Benjamin Sadler as Flo_edited.jpg

The young photographer Saskia Jacobs (Idil Üner) gets a great offer: she has been asked to photograph a big snowboard event in Flims-Laax. There, coach Flo Capeder (Benjamin Sadler) wants to break the world speed record with his troop. As Saskia explores the area, she discovers a dead body in a crevice. As soon as she has told Flo about it both the corpse and the photos she took of it have disappeared. Saskia suspects Flo of having something to do with the mysterious death. In her distress, she puts her trust in the wrong person: Event promoter Bruno (Stefan Gubser). In a dramatic finale, she is able to save herself from his clutches.


"Spuren im Eis" is an action-packed thriller as well as a love story, set in the snowboarding scene, centering on a woman who goes through a crisis by confronting her childhood and grows from it.

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