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Recycling Lily (2013)

95min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Pierre Monnard   |   Script: André Küttel  | Production: Peter Reichenbach  (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF, Teleclub 


  • Gilching, Five Lakes Film Festival, Audience Award 2014

Hansjörg Stähli (Bruno Cathomas) is the rubbish inspector of a picturesque little town and meticulously makes sure that everyone obeys the rules. At the moment, for example, he is chasing an unknown litterer who has been illegally disposing of rubbish bags for weeks. In his private life, Hansjörg is a rather withdrawn person and is secretly in love with the service employee Lily Frei (Johanna Bantzer). He does not dare to reveal himself to her because he is much too shy for that.

Hansjörg's quiet life, however, is completely disrupted when he catches the litterer one day and discovers that it is Lily's daughter Emma (Luna Dutli). 

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