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Offset (2006)

109min   |   German, Romanian, English, French   |   Directed by: Didi Danquart   |   Script: Cristi Puiu, Razvan Radulescu   |   Production: Noirfilm Filmproduktion   |   Coproduction: Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG), Unlimited, SRF 

Stephan Fischer (Felix Klare), a young engineer from Germany, installs a large offset printing machine in Bucharest and falls in love with 26-year-old Brindusa Hergeleghiu (Alexandra Maria Lara), the company's interpreter. The wedding is just around the corner. 

Unfortunately, the 55-year-old mafia print shop owner and nouveau riche turncoat Nikolai Jorga (Razvan Vasilescu) had a love affair with Brindusa until recently and now tries to prevent the wedding by all means. The parents (Manfred Zapata / Katharina Thalbach), who have travelled from Germany for the wedding, are also full of prejudice against their future daughter-in-law from Romania. Torn between her love for two men and two different European cultures, Brindusa stands there not knowing where she belongs.

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