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Rascals on the Road (2005)

100min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Michael Steiner   |   Script: Michael Sauter, Christoph Frey, Michael Steiner   |    Production: Peter-Christian Fueter  (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: Kontraproduktion GmbH, SRF, Teleclub


  • European Youth Film Festival of Flanders 2007 – Best Film

  • International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults Tehran 2007 – Jury Prize

  • International Film Festival for Young Adults Montreal 2006 – Grand Prix

  • Swiss Film Prize “Quartz” 2006 – Best Film

  • Film podium of the city of Zurich 2006 – Zurich Film Prize

  • Prix Walo 2005 – Best Film

The rascals Eugen, Wrigley, Bäschteli and Eduard (Manuel Häberli, Janic Halioua, Dominic Hänni, Alex Niederhäuser) live in Bern in the 1960s and play one prank after another. After a helmet and a leaking folding boat broke the camel's back, Eugen and Wrigley are threatened with a severe punishment: a ban from their scout camp and boarding school! The two heroes run away and go in search of Fritzli Bühler (Beat Schlatter), the king of the rascals, whose legendary pranks still haunt the streets of Bern. Their adventurous escape leads them to Ticino, where Bäschteli and Eduard join them. After that they ride their bikes over the Gotthard to Zurich. Pursued by worried parents, angry farmers and lots of policemen, their journey takes them all over Switzerland.

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