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Lina (2016)

90min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Michael Schaerer   |   Script: Jan Poldervaart  |   Production: Anne Walser (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF 

It is one of the dark chapters of Swiss history: Until 1981, it was possible to lock people away even without a court verdict or psychiatric report, be it for "work-shyness", "vicious lifestyle" or "dissoluteness"; mainly young people were affected. The feature film "LINA" tells the story of Lina, a young woman who was administratively cared for by the authorities and thus deprived of a normal life. A fate representative of many, based on true events in Switzerland!



  • PRIX DU PUBLIC 2016 - Solothurn Film Days 2016

  • Swiss TV Award for Rabea Egg as Best Leading Actor

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