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Liebe und Wahn (2007)

88min   |   German, French   |   Directed by: Mike Huber   |   Script: Andrea Ghanai, David Keller   |   Production: Anne Walser (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF  


Professor of Egyptology Iris Lanz (Sibylle Canonica) has both feet on the ground. That's why she initially feels more amusement and at most slight irritation when the gifts from her aspirant Sebastian (Michael Koch) pile up.

But the young assistant wants more: he dreams of a life at Iris' side. His obsessive love soon begins to drive a wedge into the recently reunited family idyll, and suddenly she is faced with an existential shambles that can only be repaired with a good dose of courage and trust.

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