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135 min  |   German   |   Directed by: Barbara Albert   |   Script: Meike Hauck  |   Production: Oliver Schündler und Boris Ausserer (Lucky Birds), Anne Walser (C-FILMS AG), Nicolas Steil (Iris Productions)   |   Co-produktion: ZDF, SRF / SRG SSR, Senator Film Produktion

A young Helene (Mala Emde) comes to the bustling Berlin of the wild 20s with her sister Martha (Liliane Amuat). While Martha loses herself in a party and drug frenzy, Helene wants to study medicine and become a doctor. In Karl (Thomas Prenn) she finds the love of her life. The door to the world seems to be wide open for her. With Karl's untimely death and the social upheaval caused by the Nazis, she meets Wilhelm (Max von der Groeben), who falls madly in love with her. But her vital energy and strong will are not compatible with Wilhelm's traditional notions and her role of motherhood. Helene makes an outrageous decision. Barbara Albert's film adaptation of Julia Franck's bestseller "Die Mittagsfrau", which won the German Book Prize, is a stirring homage to female physicality and self-empowerment.

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