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Jimmy (2008)

90min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Tobias Ineichen   |   Script: Thomas Peter   |   Production: Peter Reichenbach (C-Films AG), Anita Wasser (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF  

Jimmie02 copy.jpg

  • Swissperform Prize 2008 – Best Actor Joel Basman

  • Swissperform Prize 2008 – Best Actress Stephanie Japp

  • Swissperform Prize 2008 – Best TV Movie

Kathy (Stephanie Japp), recently divorced, takes her 16-year-old autistic son Jimmie (Joel Basman) from the children's home to her own home, although everyone advises her against it. Painfully, she has to accept that her closeness and affection do not bring about the hoped-for progress in Jimmie. On the contrary, he reacts violently to new, unfamiliar situations and brings Kathy to the brink of despair. Only when Jimmie's swimming he feels comfortable. He blossoms when he can glide almost weightlessly through the "blue" water. When swimming coach Jan (Martin Rapold) discovers his talent, completely new possibilities open up for Kathy and Jimmie...

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