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In the Name of God (2003)

66min  |   Hebrew, English   |   Directed by: Dan Setton, Helmar Büchel, Ton Benmayor   |   Script: Dan Setton   |   Production: Set Productions   |   Coproduction: Peter Christian Fueter (C-FILMS AG), Spiegel TV, HBO, Keshet TV, The New Foundation for Cinema TV, TV4


Who are these people who accept death in the name of God? What cultures do they grow up in? Why do they worship those who give their lives to martyrdom? 

A TV documentary about the willingness to kill and die in the name of God seeks answers to these questions. The film gives an insight into fundamentalist Islamist circles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Palestine.


  • International Emmy Award 2004 - Outstanding Achievement

  • Jerusalem Film Festival 2004 – Jury Award

  • 44th Monte-Carlo Film Festival “Nymphe d'or” 2004 – Best Documentary

  • German TV Award 2004 - Best Documentary

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