The woman who left to save psychoanalysis.


Not only is EMMA a story based on true events that focuses on major themes such as the role of women at the beginning of the 20th century and the breakthrough of psychoanalysis. But EMMA is also an intimate portrait of a woman who fearlessly faces her complex inner life and dares to go her very own way, questioning all role models.



DIRECTOR: Maria von Heland

CREATORS: Maria von Heland, Jana Burbach


GENRE: Mini-Series (4x60min)


PRODUCER: Anne Walser


100 million viewers worldwide and, thus, the most successful German film series of all time. These are the schoolgirl reports. And yet, nobody wants to admit to have seen them. MADE IN GERMANY tells the story of the beginnings of the German erotic industry in the 1970s and its fight against censorship in the best dramedy style. We follow Wolf C. Hartwig building up his business and his perfidious idea: the development of sex films disguised as reportage under the guise of sexual education.



HEAD WRITERS: David Clay Diaz, Peter Meister

CO-WRITERS: Philip-Laszló Koch, Viktor Eirich


GENRE: Series (6x50min)


PRODUCER: Anne Walser


Surrounded by money, power and reckless ambition, perhaps the one person you need to be most afraid of is yourself. 


NOBLE CAUSE is a sophisticated, suspense-filled TV thriller in six parts featuring intrigue and betrayal amid the authentic setting of the United Nations at a crucial time in world history. There is an old Buddhist fable about a tribe of monkeys whose blood had powerful healing qualities for man. They were relentlessly hunted but were far too smart to fall for the traps. However, the humans knew that the monkeys loved rice wine and fancy shoes, so they started using these as bait. The monkeys knew it was a trap, but their greed for the wine and shoes was such that they did it anyway. 


Welcome to the world of NOBLE CAUSE.



WRITERS: Pascal Glatz, Christian Wehrlin, John Murphy


GENRE: TV-Series


PRODUCERS:  Peter Reichenbach, Jean-Marc Fröhle (Point Prod), Mary Callery (ShinAwiL), Larry Bass (ShinAwiL)



Betty Bossi is still considered the "nation's cook". She first appeared in 1956 and quickly became a cult figure. She represented the perfect Swiss housewife, so to speak, and promptly received countless marriage proposals. Even today, many people in Switzerland believe that Betty Bossi exists. However, she was merely a fictitious marketing figure from the beginning. 

"Hello Betty" is set in Switzerland in the 1950s and tells the story of the lives of a women: the copywriter EMMI CREOLA (43), who has to market the products of an edible oil company and in the process invents the fictional character Betty Bossi. 

DIRECTOR: Pierre Monnard

SCRIPT: André Küttel


GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach



In 2020 the Swiss television SRF, ZDF and the "Washington Post" revealed that the CIA and the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), through the Swiss front company CRYPTO AG, had been selling allegedly bug-proof crypto devices halfway around the world for decades. What nobody suspected: the Americans and the Germans were able to use them to decrypt all secret communications. The Swiss intelligence service also profited from this. And, as of recently, we know that the CIA owned a second company in Switzerland, OMNISEC. One of its clients was the major Swiss bank UBS. However, the Swiss government did not know about this when they negotiated with the USA about Nazi gold and the banking secrecy.


"The CIA calls it the 'Largest Espionage Operation of the Century'"


HEAD-WRITER: Balazs Juszt

WRITER: Dominik Bernet


GENRE: TV-Series

PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach, Kjartan Thor Thordarson

Zwischen den Fronten.png



Berlin, April 1945: In the middle of the murderous battle for Berlin, Swiss Legation Councillor Alfred Zehnder takes on the difficult task of protecting Swiss diplomats and the German embassy staff from rape and murder. Trapped between the fronts, he tries to save the lives of those entrusted to him with courage and acumen, even as the Russians storm the embassy. 

DIRECTOR: Miguel Alexandre

SCRIPT: Moritz Gerber


GENRE: two-part TV-event movie


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach, Michael Luda, Jan Richard Schuster


Helene chooses life. In order to live, she must abandon everything.

The film adaptation of THE BLIND SIDE OF THE HEART tells the gripping story of a love triangle involving Helene and two men. On one side there is cruel fate, ensuring that Helene and Carl, the love of her life, never really stand a chance; on the other side there is Helene herself, unable to give the devoted Wilhelm – and thus their child – a chance in life. When the heart goes blind, it cannot see. It has nothing to offer. Least of all love. Helene must abandon everything in order to make a new start possible for herself and her son.

DIRECTOR: Barbara Albert

SCRIPT: Meike Hauck


GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser, Oliver Schündler and Boris Ausserer (Lucky Birds), Nicolas Steil (Iris Productions)



A movie based on real events and the life of Hans-Ulrich Lenzlinger who became famous in the 70ies for his business of smuggling people out of Eastern Germany for huge amounts of money. 

DIRECTOR: Cihan Inan

SCRIPT: Cihan Inan, Benedikt Eppenberger

GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser, Marco Mehlitz (Lago Film)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-26 um 11.12.27.pn



CHAMPAGNE MAJESTY or LA REINE DE CHAMPAGNE is a fictional historic series. It is about the rise, the crises and the triumph of the Champagne-House Richard. The focus lies on its female founder: Babette Richard (1853-1929). 


SCRIPT: Ulrich Herrmann, Peter Reichenbach


GENRE: TV-Series


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach




Marie Tussaud: The famous name belongs to a woman whom many people in the queue think is a fictional character. It’s the first and most enduring brand worldwide to be identified simply by reference to its founder’s name. Underpinning the rise of her successful business is a personal story of survival and love, weathering reversals of fortune, and life-threatening incidents that would have defeated a lesser being.


SCRIPT: Coline Abert


GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser, Viviene Muller-Rommel (Studio Hamburg UK)


September 1970. Four planes are simultaneously hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. One of them a Swissair. The aircrafts are forced to land in Africa and hundreds of hostages fear for their lives. In the seemingly placid streets of Geneva, a low-ranking Swiss government official is recruited by a secret intelligence faction to start covert negotiations with a representative of the terrorists to try end the crisis - but that is only the beginning.


DIRECTOR & SCRIPT: Mauro Mueller


GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser, Nicolas Steil (Iris Productions)

America on Trial.png



Francis Lee Bailey is perhaps the most famous and, at the same time, most controversial lawyer in the USA.  He defended the "Boston Strangler", the doctor "Sam Sheppard" and the publisher-daughter Patty Hearst, among others. His most well known client, however, was certainly O.J. Simpson. He says of himself: "I have defended as many innocent defendants who were convicted as guilty, as guilty ones who were acquitted".

DIRECTOR: Bestor Cram

SCRIPT: Bestor Cram



GENRE: Docu-Series


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach, Bestor Cram, Andrew  Kukura, Co-Production with Northern Light Production


Operation Sunrise.png

Unleashing a war is easy, but ending one requires courage and fearlessness, skill and intrepidity, boldness as well as patience and sometimes a modicum of luck. The six-part miniseries "Operation Sunrise" tells the spectacular story of the secret service operation from Switzerland that led to the premature surrender of Army Group C and the SS in northern Italy, saving thousands of lives and Milan and Genoa from destruction.


SCRIPT: Jochen Brunow



GENRE: six part TV-series


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach



The drama 111 tells of the story of the tragic crash of Swissair 111 into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 2nd, 1998. The moment of the catastrophe is never shown, but is always subliminally perceptible. The film follows several fates affected by the tragedy and paints a bigger picture: the crash had a profound impact not only on those directly affected, but also on people in Switzerland and around the world. It changed the environment around Halifax forever.


111 is a tragic film, but one that celebrates life. This fateful crash changed so many different lives in an instant, uniting them through the shared grief and shock of this sudden, incomprehensible tragedy. But ultimately, the film highlights how such a loss changes our perspective on life and what is important. This is the story we want to tell.

DIRECTOR: Mauro Müller

SCRIPT: Mauro Müller, Jennie Allen



GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser, Ann Bernier (Auguste Content)



"I am not Stiller." It is this very first sentence with which Max Frisch begins his novel "Stiller" that is difficult to get out of the minds of his readers. We learn everything and at the same time nothing about the hero who will lead us through the rest of the story. Because the character makes it clear: he is not the Stiller we think he is, he has given himself a new name, a new history, a new nationality, a new identity.


The film version of this important novel by Max Frisch is a voyage of discovery into the depths of human identity: perhaps we will get to know this Stiller after all along the way, and with it, hopefully, a little bit of ourselves...


DIRECTOR: Stefan Haupt

SCRIPT: Stefan Haupt, Alex Buresch



GENRE: Feature film


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser

Tastende Lichter (Nacht).jpg

A documentary about the history of the Kunsthaus Zürich, which has never been covered on film before. The film is intended to take the viewer on a journey through time. In the process, they will experience the history of this "art house", the development of Zurich into a city of culture and also learn a lot about the relationship of Swiss society to the art of its time. 


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in exploring new landscapes, but in seeing old things with new eyes" (Marcel Proust).


DIRECTOR: Peter Reichenbach

SCRIPT: Peter Reichenbach, Sibylle Cazajus



GENRE: Documentary


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser

NV Still 6.tif


NARIKO’S VOYAGE is a visually stunning TV drama in nine parts which uses magical realism to tell a compelling story of environmental corruption and family betrayal, set at a moment in time where our planet’s fate hangs in the balance.

This TV drama brings together – for the very first time, scientists and story tellers who aim to create an inspiring, thought-provoking, and shocking tale of how we treat our planet – and how we might still be able to save ourselves, our wildlife and our oceans, if only we want to.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Monnard

SCRIPT: Max Robinson



GENRE: Series


PRODUCER:  Max Robinson, Peter Reichenbach