An international series about lobbyism in Switzerland and worldwide, following real events from 1999 until the early 2000s. 



WRITERS: Bénédicte Charles, Pascal Glatz, Christian Wehrlin


PRODUCERS:  Peter Reichenbach, Jean-Marc Fröhle (Point Prod), Mary Callery (ShinAwiL), Larry Bass (ShinAwiL)



While after a very successful first season of "Wilder" the second season is currently in production, its makers are already developing a third season.  

DIRECTOR: Pierre Monnard

SCRIPT: Béla Batthyany

PRODUCER: Peter Reichenbach

CO-PRODUCER: Beat Lenherr (Panimage),

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF


Zurich in the late 80s. Eleven-year-old Mia grows up with her heavily drug-addicted mother in „The Needle Park“ Platzspitz in Zurich. Platzspitzbaby tells the story of a strong child who manages to escape constant squalor, beatings and emotional blackmailing thanks to her willpower and fantasy.


The story is inspired by Michelle Halbheer’s autobiography “Platzspitzbaby”, written by Franziska K. Müller, published by Wörterseh Verlag.

Principal photography starts in April 2019. 

DIRECTOR: Pierre Monnard

SCRIPT: André Küttel


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach





PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach



In september 1943 the VIII. British Army relieved the concentration camp Ferramonti in Calabria, which placed over 2’000 jews, as well as gypsies and greeks since 1940. It was the first concentration camp ever, that had been relieved by the Allies and it also differs from all those camps, that stood for the cruelty and horror of the National-Socialism. In Ferramonti not one single person was killed, because both, the natives and the camp commandants, defied the fascists. They simply resisted to mistreat people, who did not do anything wrong.



A grippig, emotional thriller all around fake medicaments. Based on three different angles the story unfolds the cruel effects the trade with fakes has got abroad but also right in front of us. 

DIRECTOR: Claudio Fäh

SCRIPT: Bastian Schweitzer, Alexander Seibt


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser



An international best seller and winner of the German Book Prize, „Mittagsfrau“ by Julia Franck is a dark marvel of a novel and a enthralling base for big film drama - a family story spanning two world wars and several generations in a German family, but above all it is the story of a fascinating woman not wanting her heart to become blind. 

DIRECTOR: Barbara Albert

SCRIPT: Meike Hauck


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser



A movie based on real events and the life of Hans-Ulrich Lenzlinger who became famous in the 70ies for his business to smuggle people out of Estern Germany for huge amounts of money. 

DIRECTOR: Cihan Inan

SCRIPT: Cihan Inan, Uwe Lützen, Alexander Seibt,

               Benedikt Eppenberge

PRODUCER:  Anne Walser



CHAMPAGNE MAJESTY or LA REINE DE CHAMPAGNE is a fictional historic series. It is about the rise, the crises and the triumph of the Champagne-House Richard. The focus lies on its female founder: Babette Richard (1853-1929). 


SCRIPT: Ulrich Herrmann, Peter Reichenbach


PRODUCER:  Peter Reichenbach



Marie Tussaud: The famous name belongs to a woman whom many people in the queue think is a fictional character. It’s the first and most enduring brand worldwide to be identified simply by reference to its founder’s name. Underpinning the rise of her successful business is a personal story of survival and love, weathering reversals of fortune, and life-threatening incidents that would have defeated a lesser being.


SCRIPT: Rahel Grunder


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser


September 1970. Four planes are simultaneously hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. One of them a Swissair. The aircrafts are forced to land in Africa and hundreds of hostages fear for their lives. In the seemingly placid streets of Geneva, a low-ranking Swiss government official is recruited by a secret intelligence faction to start covert negotiations with a representative of the terrorists to try end the crisis - but that is only the beginning.


DIRECTOR & SCRIPT: Mauro Mueller


PRODUCER:  Anne Walser

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