The fourth and final season of the hit series featuring investigator duo Rosa Wilder and Manfred Kägi aired in its entirety. WILDER achieved an impressive average market share of 31.2% and reached over half a million viewers.

NEEDLE PARK BABY - In Cinemas 16. January 2020

A film by Pierre Monnard, screenplay by André Küttel. Inspired by the Bestseller 'PLATZSPITZBABY' by Michelle Halbheer and Franziska K. Mülller.


Spring 1995: After the closure of the infamous needle park and the open drug scene in Zurich, eleven-year-old Mia and her mother Sandrine move to an idyllic little town outside Zurich. However, the new home is no paradise for Mia, because Sandrine is heavily addicted to drugs and should never have obtained custody. Mia takes refuge in her fantasy world with an imaginary friend. She talks to him during lonely hours and they make fabulous plans for an island life with her mother, far away from drugs. Mia also finds a kind of substitute family in a kids gang whose members come from similarly tough backgrounds. More and more Mia builds up the strength to rebel against her mother, and finally succeeds in leaving her.

Principal Photography of feature film PLATZSPITZBABY has begun

​On Monday, April 22nd of 2019, the shooting of our new film NEEDLE PARK BABY began. The film is inspired by the Swiss bestselling novel PLATZSPITZBABY by Michelle Halbheer and Franziska K. Müller, published in 2013 by Wörterseh-Veralg, which touched the hearts of over 40'000 Swiss readers. 

Sarah Spale, best known for the leading role in the successful SRF-Series WILDER and her appearance in NIGHTTRAIN TO LISBON, is taking on the challenging role of a drug addicted mother. The leading role of her 11-year-old daughter Mia is played by newcomer Luna Mwezi. The film is directed by Pierre Monnard and written by André Küttel.

ZWINGLI also stunnes french speaking audiences since March 27th

​ZWINGLI isn't preaching in only one language of the people anymore: Since the french version opened on the big screen in the french speaking regions of Switzerland, "LE RÉFORMATEUR" counts almost 240'000 spectators in Switzerland since its opening weekend 11 weeks ago.   

ZWINGLI Still #1 in Swiss German Cinemas!

We are very proud to inform you that ZWINGLI is still on top of the charts after its second weekend on the big screen. After a fabulous opening weekend of 28'279 viewers it could increase numbers by 14% this week, making it a fantastic 32'162 spectators. Therefore ZWINGLI managed to defend its #1 spot in Swiss german theaters against strong newcomers such as CREED II or THE FAVOURITE. 

We think it is also due to a strong word of mouth that our film was able to generate over 82'000 viewers in total. So far! 

Principal Photography of the second season of "Wilder" has begun

After a long period of preparation the time has finally come! On September 6th the cameras for the second season of SRF crime-series "Wilder" startet rolling in the region of Jura. And part of the team behind the success of the first season is returning: Sarah Spale (Rosa Wilder), Marcus Signer (Manfred Kägi), and director Pierre Monnard. But some new names come up as well, in front as well as behind the camera. Headwriter Béla Batthyany and writers Moritz Gerber, Andreas Stadler, Roberto Maritnez and Alexander Seibt are responsible for the teleplays. The second season airs in January 2020, tuesdays at 8:05 PM. 

Second season of "Wilder"

We're happy to announce that after a very successful first season of "Wilder", there's going to be a second season, directed by Pierre Monnard. The shooting is going to take place in autumn 2018, again starring Sarah Spale as "Rosa Wilder" and Marcus Signer as "Kägi. Further informations will follow...

Shooting for feature film "Zwingli - Der Reformator"

In line with the 500th reformation anniversary, the shooting for the new feature film about Huldrych Zwingli, a Swiss theologian and the very first reformator of Zurich, is already in progress. After ten successful shooting days at the famous Grossmünster in Zurich, the filmset has already moved to the historical monastery in Stein am Rhein, where it will stay till the 31th of March. The last shooting stage will take place in Baden-Württemberg and last till the 6th of April. The film is directed by the famous Stefan Haupt (The Circle, 2014) and produced by Anne Walser from C-FILMS AG, in a co-production with the German company EIKON. With Max Simonischek starring Zwingli, Anatole Taubmann, Andrea Zogg and Rachel Braunschweig, the film enjoys a prominent cast. The release in Swiss cinemas is planned for the 24th January 2019.

"WILDER" - the spectator quote is announced

After the screening of our first episode of "WILDER", we are very excited to announce the achieved audience rate of 41,9 % (681'000 spectators). We especially feel happy about the fact that in the target group of 14 to 59 year olds, we could reach a market share of 35,9 %.

The screening of the second episode of "WILDER" as well achieved an above-average market share of 38% (613'000 spectators). In the target group of 14 to 59 year olds, 254'000 spectators have watched our series (30,6% market share).

Watch the following episodes every Tuesday at 20.05 pm on SRF 1.

New TV-series "WILDER"

Finally it's showtime! The new TV-series called "WILDER", that has been produced by Panimage and C-Films and was realised in cooperation with Schweizer Fernsehen, will start already on 7th of november. The series can be watched every tuesday at 20.05 pm on SRF 1.

A Swiss mountain village winds up in the international spotlight when the daughter of a rich Arab investor disappears just before groundbreaking on a controversial new vacation resort. Local cop Rosa Wilder, who grew up in the village, has to solve the case. Working with Federal Agent Manfred Kägi, she unearths a dark secret, which the village has been hiding for years – and which has more to do with her history than she knows.


A Network Movie production, in co-production with Lunanime (Belgium), Nordisk Film (Denmark), Superfilm (Austria) and C-FILMS (Switzerland)

After the first and very successfull season of the European TV-series «THE TEAM» we're very pleased to announce that there'll be a sequel. The shooting of the second season is already being planned. With Max Hubacher, Luna Sofia Wedler and Melanie Winiger there'll be important roles being played by Swiss actors again. The screening for the second season is planned for spring 2018.


We are happy to announce that the feature film „Mal de pierres“, directed by Nicole Garcia (with Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel and Alex Brendemühl) has been selected at the Filmfestival in Cannes. Back in fall 2015, C-Films was the service-producer for the Swiss Part of the shoot at the Hotel Schatzalp in Davos. 


In Switzerland, the Little Mountain Boy attracted over 440,000 visitors to the theaters. Which is a huge success! For those who want to enjoy the Little Mountain Boy at home, they will find the blockbuster at the dvd stores.


„LINA“ won the „Prix du Public“ (Audience Award) at the 51st Solothurn Film Festival. On top, our leading actress Rabea Egg won the Swiss TV Film Award for the best femal lead. For those interested in watching the movie at home: The DVD is available at the Webshop of the Swiss Television

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