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Grounding (2006)

125min   |   Swiss German, English, French   |   Directed by: Michael Steiner, Tobias Fueter   |   Script: Michael Sauter, Jürg Brändli, Réne Lüchinger, Tobias Fueter   |   Production: Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG), Peter Christian Fueter (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF, Teleclub, La Petite Entreprise 

The film tells of the last days of the Swiss airline Swissair, of the historic grounding of its fleet on 2 October 2001 and describes how it could have come to this. 

At the same time, the film traces the real-life fate of top manager Mario A. Corti, the last, luckless boss of the tradition-rich airline, but also the tragic fate of unnamed people who almost lose everything in the maelstrom of the "Swissair" decline: Job, house and their faith in what used to be Switzerland.


  • Swiss Film Prize 2007 - Best Feature Film

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