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Eden (2006)

99min   |   German   |   Directed by: Michael Hofmann   |   Script: Michael Hofmann   |   Production: Gambit Filmproduktion GMBH   |  

Coproduction: Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG), Cine+, SWR, BR, SRF, Teleclub 


  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006 – Lions Award

  • Eurasia Film Festival of Kazakhstan 2006 - Best Film

In a spa town, a platonic love affair develops between Gregor (Josef Ostendorf), a master chef who is as eccentric as he is corpulent, and Eden (Charlotte Roche), a married woman. Gregor's "cucina erotica" makes Eden - and her marriage, which has become monotonous - blossom, while the chef sublimates his growing infatuation into ever more incredible dishes. Everyone, including Eden's husband Xaver (Devid Striesow), benefits from their never-acknowledged love. 

But the longer it lasts, the greater Xaver's fear of the possible consequences becomes. When the spa town makes fun of Eden's nocturnal visits to the corpulent cook, Xaver is forced to act by the threat of losing face. This eventually leads to disaster...

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