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Der letzte Weynfeldt (2010)

100min   |   Swiss German   |   Directed by: Alain Gsponer   |   Script: Alexander Buresch   |   Production: Anne Walser (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: SRF, ZDF, Networkmovie GmbH 

The Last Weynfeldt.jpg


  • Swissperform-Award 2010 – Best Actor Stefan Kurt

Adrian Weynfeldt (Stefan Kurt) comes from a wealthy family, is an expert on Swiss art, in his mid-50s and a bachelor. His world, tailor-made from shoes to pajamas, consists of a manageable number of controllable relationships and ever-same daily routines. But one night, the lack of an olive for his dry martini drives him out of his apartment into a nearby bar. There he meets the beautiful Lorena (Marie Bäumer). He cannot resist her direct manner and unpolished charm. Contrary to his habits, he takes her home with him. The next morning, Lorena is standing outside the balcony parapet and wants to jump down. 

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