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Das wahre Leben (2007)

103min   |   German   |   Directed by: Alain Gsponer   |   Script: Matthias Pacht, Alex Buresch   |   Production: TV 60 Filmproduktion GMBH   |   Coproduction:  Peter Reichenbach (C-FILMS AG), Burkertbareiss Development, GFP, SWR, BR, SRF



  • Adolf Grimme Prize 2009 – Best Film

  • Adolf Grimme Prize 2009 – Best Actress Katja Riemann

  • Adolf Grimme Prize 2009 – Best Screenplay

  • German Audio Film Award 2008

  • German Film Critics Association, 2008 – Best Screenplay

  • German Film Award 2007 – Best Supporting Actress Hannah Herzsprung

  • Baden-Baden TV Film Festival “MFG Star” 2007 – Best Newcomer Film

Father Roland (Ulrich Noethen) works 14 hours a day and no longer sees his family during the day. Mother Sybille (Katja Riemann) takes refuge in her work as a gallery owner, and Charles (Volker Bruch), the 19-year-old son, struggles against the turmoil of his sexuality. In the middle of it all, the young Linus (Josef Mattes), forgotten by everyone, sits in his room and makes bombs, through which the neighbors sculptures get destroyed. 

Everything is thrown into turmoil when Roland loses his position in the risk management of a large corporation and from then on has to sit idly at home. The slowed-down doer, full of verve, slides inexorably into a crisis that not only divides him with his sons, but also deeply shakes his marriage.

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