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One Step to Freedom (2014)

90min   |   Swiss German, German   |   Directed by: Alain Gsponer   |   Script: Bernd Lange   |   Production: Anne Walser (C-FILMS AG)   |   Coproduction: Makido Film GmbH, Mecom Film & TV Production GmbH, SRF, ARTE

In August 1938, Switzerland closes its border to Jewish refugees - a death sentence. But not all officials comply with the inhumane directive. Paul Grüninger exploits bureaucratic loopholes and puts everything on the line out of moral conviction. Paul Grüninger (1891-1972) will rightly go down in history as the "Oscar Schindler" of the border region between Germany and Switzerland: He saved the lives of 2000 people.



  • Zurich, Presidential Department of the City of Zurich, Succès Zurich feature film 2nd place 2015 



  • Zurich, Federal Office of Culture, Swiss Film Award, Best Actor 2014

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